Branding, Design Direction & Product design
Relap is the Recommendation system and Network of native advertising. High-load cloud service in the B2B segment. The goal of the platform is to improve the quality of recommendations and relevant advertising on the Internet. At the moment, the company is fighting for a leading position in the market of recommendation systems and native advertising.

Audience: B2B product users, advertisers, marketers, account and brand managers, webmasters, developers and all members of the internet media.

Look & feel

I made logo design and corporate identity, then with the help of the team I designed a lot of visual communications and wrote a corporate identity guide. Also, I combined all the components and guidelines into one brandbook.
Design System
This design system has been developed to speed up the interface assembly and to test hypotheses quickly and to achieve consistency of all platform elements. It is based on atomic design.

The system is tested and evolves. Changes to one element are updated in all interfaces of the ecosystem. app is used to synchronize with the frontend team.

User Interface

Multidisciplinary artist. Design, painting, photography and mixed media. In the works I explore the relationship of man and technology, the authenticity of the environment of stay, the uniqueness of experience, the genuineness of perception and the non-obviousness of the beautiful.


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